Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writing Niches

As a new freelance writer, I was fixated on the idea of finding a niche.

I kept seeing articles like, How to Pick a Freelance Writing Niche and Why You Need a Niche as a Freelance Writer.

People even claimed that writers couldn’t find high-paying clients without a niche. Kind of dramatic.

I’m not against niches—in fact, I’m on my way to having a few—BUT, the idea that you need a niche to be successful is misleading. While there’s value in discovering your niche(s), don’t get sidelined trying to find one. In due time.

What’s a writing niche?

A niche is a writing specialty.

While a generalist writes about anything, a specialist (i.e. writer with a niche) only writes about certain topics. For example, a writing niche can be relatively broad like digital marketing, or something more specific like video marketing on Facebook.

At other times, a writer may specialize in a type of writing, rather than a specific topic. For example, a copywriter may choose to only write product descriptions, or they might specialize in email marketing campaigns in various industries.

In short, a niche is something a writer focuses on.

What are some of the best freelance writing niches?

‘Best’ is incredibly subjective. That being said, three of the most common freelance writing niches are technology, healthcare, and financial services. BUT, as long as people are willing to pay you for your services, you can specialize in any niche.

People need help writing about things you probably never even imagined. For example, someone recently asked me to write an article about krill fishing. I’m telling ya, there are some pretty unique niches.

When should you choose your freelance writing niche?

IMHO it doesn’t make sense to niche-down early.

If you’re new to the freelance writing landscape, you probably don’t know exactly what you want to write about, or what jobs are available. And that’s 100% okay.

Or maybe, every topic sounds exciting and you don’t want to choose a niche. I get it. My natural curiosity makes it difficult to narrow down opportunities, too.

So, how can you figure out what to write about?

A great way to figure out what you enjoy writing about is to complete a range of projects in various industries with different companies. Starting as a generalist and slowly discovering your niche(s), is a win-win-win approach. Here’s why:

  1. You will improve as a writer.
  2. You will discover which topics you enjoy.
  3. You will make money while you figure it out.

And as a bonus, you may uncover a topic you never even thought about. Like krill fishing.

Moral of the story:

It’s okay to experiment. Try out different topics and industries.

If you’re waiting to submit your first pitch until you decide between Niche A and Niche B, you may never get started. You can’t figure out what you enjoy by simply considering different topics. You gotta try them out.

So, what do you want to write about first?

Hey, I’m Laura. In October 2016, I quit my job (on purpose) and became a freelance writer (on accident).  Now I share my experience as a freelance writer for 20-somethings. Because contrary to popular myth, you don’t have to wait until you’re 50 to become a successful freelance writer. I’m happy you’re here.

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