Huzzah! I Made It One Whole Year as a Freelance Writer (This is What I’ve Learned So Far)

I didn’t plan to become a full-time freelance writer. In the beginning it seemed like a great way to make money while I searched for a more ‘traditional’ job. Spoiler alert: that’s not what happened.

One year ago, I quit my job (on purpose) and became a freelance writer (on accident). I completed my first freelance writing project on 10/15/16, making yesterday my one year anniversary as a full-time freelance writer. Hooray!

Before I put in my two weeks’ notice, I applied and interviewed for several positions. After quitting, I interviewed for a few more positions before relocating and calling it quits on submitting applications. (Except that one position I applied to in May—more out of curiosity than true desire.)

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3 Challenges I Face as Full-Time Freelance Writer (Or, why I wish there were freelance writing storks)

When I was a kid, I thought salespeople were sleazy. All of ’em. I remember getting into an intense argument with one of my childhood friends when she said my Dad worked in sales. How dare she say that?! (FYI: He does. He’s a business owner.)

That was clearly a juvenile understanding of sales (i.e. all salespeople go door-to-door and try to rip people off). As a 25-year-old sole proprietor, I realize that’s a SUPER inaccurate perception. Nonetheless, it still took me a while to recognize that every business owner, freelancer, independent contractor–you name it–is effectively a salesperson. And more importantly, salespeople do not need to be sleazy.

You can be ethical and successful.

Which brings me to my list of 3 challenges. Number one–you guessed it–selling.

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